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This page contains links for the most commonly requested data files from our office. These files are in Comma Separated File format (.csv) and have been Zipped to simplify downloading. Download times may vary based on the speed of your internet connection and the size of the data files.

Vendors are encouraged to use our FTP Site, which contains some additional data files and file format options.


Property Data


Certified Tax Roll

Full certified tax roll data. Contains recent ownership and sales data, plus certified property values and building data.
Download Certified Tax Roll Data
Download File layout

Subdivision List

Subdivision list and parcel id ranges per subdivision.
Download Subdivision List Data
Download File layout


Sales Data


Recent Sales Data

Sales data files from 2016 through the present. Recent Sales Data file contains sales for the last 12 months.
Download Recent Sales Data
Download 2020 Sales Data
Download 2019 Sales Data
Download 2018 Sales Data
Download 2017 Sales Data
Download 2016 Sales Data
Download File layout

Sales History

Full sales history for Leon County.
Download Sales History Data
Download File layout




Parcel Shape Files

GIS data and shape files.
Download Parcel Shape Files